Tongue cancer facts

Tongue cancer facts

You must have heard of many cancers but you might not have heard about tongue cancer. So, we have discussed indications, reasons and prevention of tongue cancer.

Indications of tongue cancer

When the tongue cancer is at its very beginning, it is a chance that you don’t get to see any symptoms. However, after sometime, you might feel that there is aching and burning in your tongue that does not cure and even the blood comes out very easily. There might also be pain in tongue or even in your entire mouth.

General indications of tongue cancer could be.

  1. White spots on a person’s tongue that keeps going. These spots could also be of red color.
  2. An ulcer of tongue that keeps going.
  3. There is ache when a person swallows food.
  4. Loss of sensation in the mouth
  5. Sore throat that continues for a long time.
  6. A lump develops on a person’s tongue that also continues for a long time.
  7. A person’s tongue bleeds without any reason.

Reasons of tongue cancer

The main reason of tongue cancer is not known yet. But, there are some conditions and actions that can make the risks and danger higher and they are as follows.

  1. Smoking tobacco
  2. Eating tobacco
  3. Drinking heavily
  4. Diet that is not high vegetables and fruits
  5. Family history of tongue cancer
  6. One’s own history of various cancers
  7. Bad oral health

Tongue cancer is most commonly found in women and men that are old or in people who are young.

Prevention of tongue cancer

There are some things you can do by which you can prevent tongue cancer or you can lessen the danger of tongue cancer.

  1. Stop smoking tobacco
  2. Stop eating tobacco
  3. Stop eating betel
  4. Stop drinking
  5. Eat various vegetables and fruits and in good quantities
  6. Practice daily brushing and flossing. Brushing should be twice a day
  7. Try to go to a dentist after six to seven months.

Tongue Cancer Treatment includes surgery by which the cancer is eliminated. Also, you should seek the treatment as soon as possible if you have tongue cancer. Since, tongue cancer could be a little painful, the treatment should start soon.

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