What you should know about Professional car detailing?

A professional car detailing service is the restoring and cleaning of the car so that it will be back to its original condition. Car detailing Dubai Al Quoz is one of the best options to have a well-maintained car. Car-detailing services have to be much more labor-intensive and much more specific than getting your car washed. If you don’t think that a simple car wash is helping you clean up and fine-tune your car anymore then perhaps it’s time that you look into a professional car detailing service. A car wash is a more general cleaning system however a car detailing system is specifically designed such that every little detail of the car is cleaned and fine-tuned to have a much longer lifespan and a much more efficient functioning.

What do Car detailing services include?

We know what you’re thinking, anyone can carry out a full detailing of a vehicle, but there is more to professional detailing than that. An experienced detailer will not just have the right techniques and experience to deal with professional cleaning. In addition, they will have the right equipment and products as well. You can design the professional detailing service that you want to do for your car and based on those services you will have the cost adjusted in your package. Either way, the cost of the overall car detailing will be much lower than the individual services that you will have done.

Exterior Car cleaning:

The exterior wash and dry services are carried out to make sure that the paint and exterior of your car are kept clean. Paint claying is also used to make sure that the contaminants are removed from the exterior of the exterior paint. Then polishing buffs and abrasive compounds are used. Lastly, the sealing and waxing are done to make sure that the finishing of the car is done right.

Interior Car cleaning:

The interior car cleaning is more complicated. However, a good car detailing service will carry out all the services from the vacuuming of the seats to the leather trimming and glass cleaning, and other services like alloy wheel refurbishments are also carried out.  For the finishing touches, a fragrance is sprayed so that the car feels and smells as good as new.