Best tips to fight stress during sleep

Stress is part of daily life and comes in the form of job, finances, partnerships, deadlines, in one way or another, all add to tension.

Stress and sleep are inverse: the rest reduces if one increases. Too much stress contributes to improvements in the body levels of cortisol and melatonin that cause high alertness and impairment of sleep. This will pave the way slowly to an uneven circadian rhythm – the clock of the sleep/wake cycle.

The best cure for depression is good sleep. It will get you off, lift your morale and increase your concentration. You’re being more rational and emotional. Yet a restful night appears to be a distant dream when you’re stressed out. You may be on your bed, but you just toss and switch!

Here are the five strategies to enhance sleep in order to minimise stress:

Book your sleeping accommodation: Keep your bedroom clean and sleepy. Never leave some of your work-related things in and near your bedroom, including folders, laptops etc. Losing track of anything unpleasant makes you relax more easily.

Simple reading: the fastest way to float away in bed is to read a novel. If it doesn’t happen that you feel like sleep, take a book. Concentrate on the book would make sleeping easy.

Adjust your mattress: get fresh mattress if you are too worn out. According to the 2009 report, sleep on the best mattress Sharjah decreases stress levels through sleeper improvements in back pain, sleep efficiency and perceived stress since the implementation of new bedding systems.

The research consisted of 59 men and women who slept for 28 straight days on their old mattress. Later they had to lie on a fresh mattress for another 28 days and the effect was incredible. They indicated that they could dramatically lower their stress levels by sleeping on a new mattress.

Find time to relax: It is nice to lay back and listen to relaxing music before reaching the bed. This serves to purify the soul from all the pressures of the day. It also helps to purify the meditation.

Get ready to sleep for a good night: it is as important to brace yourself for sleep as it is. A warm shower before the bed is often advised by sleep specialists. Follow it with rest, exercise, and you can definitely sleep in no time like a newborn.

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