Benefits of Renting Commercial Lifting Equipment Rather Than Buying

If you’re in the market for lifting equipment like hoists and cranes for your next construction project, you’re probably wondering if you should buy them outright or hire them. But making the correct decision for your particular situation depends on some factors, which we’ll discuss in this article so don’t rush into anything. There are benefits of buying, and there are also benefits of hiring. Let’s take a look at these then consider whether or not you should buy them.

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Firstly there are many more benefits of renting than of buying. In most cases, you’ll have access to professionals who know what they’re doing. There are also spare parts that you may not be able to get at a store, and if something does go wrong you’ll almost certainly have someone else to call back to replace it, which is very convenient.

The only real consideration of the benefits of buying heavy lifting equipment is the initial cost. The initial cost of some products can be staggering, but this is because they are new on the market. Other products will be older products that have been refurbished. Whilst there is certainly a case to be made for buying something brand new if your budget is tight, consider buying refurbished goods from a company like Industrial Lift Repairs. The quality you’ll receive for the money you spend will be much higher than if you hire.

Although the above benefits of buying lifting equipment, let’s not forget the benefits of hiring them as well. The main one in my mind is the time and financial savings you will make. Hiring cranes or any other lifting equipment is considerably cheaper than buying. Even if you hire two or three other people to help you lift the materials, the cost savings will still have you making significant savings.

Another major benefit of buying rather than hiring is the safety factor. When using cranes, safety is paramount. Using them on your own isn’t necessarily dangerous, but if you don’t know what you’re doing using them can be extremely dangerous. If you have a lot of equipment to lift then consider renting rather than buying. 

Employing professional commercial cranes is undoubtedly more expensive than sourcing them on your own but think about the benefits you receive for all the money you pay. The time savings alone is worth it. Most people would happily pay more for the peace of mind they will receive by hiring heavy lifting equipment on the basis that they will know exactly when it needs to be serviced.