3 ways to make a room useful

It is not so easy to design and decorate the room if you don’t have goal and picture in mind. The only goal that you should keep while decorating or arranging the room is to make it useful for others. There are three tips and ways to make it useful. Scroll down to know what they are!

Designing a room is a game of creating and making spaces. Instead of filling whole room with furniture and decoration pieces, leave some places empty. You can leave the center of the room empty and fill it with carpet or mat. In this way, you get space and colors too.  The more there is space the more the room will be useful for you and guests as well. After all, they will get place to sit and enjoy their own company. Besides center, you can create space in corner beside the bed to some me time. Moreover, you can create space near window as well to give yourself ground to enjoy the air and sunshine. Furthermore, the cornered spaces can be used to keep small things like iron and hooks, which is recommended by all residential interior designers in Dubai.

Tables and Chairs:
Tables and chairs are the cheapest way to make your room useful. All you have to do is to buy three tables and chairs. You can use chairs to hang your clothes for next day, pair with table to turn one portion of your room into study and as coffee chair by keeping it near the window. Similarly you can keep one table in the corner to keep your academic and work stuff while other two can be used to keep handy stuff and other things. Tables and chairs give ground to you and guests to make space for themselves in the room and enjoy the time.

Shelves and Hooks:
They are must to add in every room as they will give you space to keep things. Hooks will give you space to hang clothes. You can hang bucket like hooks to keep keys and reminder notes. It will organize your routine and life. Shelves give you space to keep books and office stuff. It will keep the room neat and organized and that’s what we want in our rooms. This can also be used as part of your office interior design in UAE.

So, these are three ways to make the place useful for yourself and others. All of them are affordable tips and they don’t demand you to be extremely genius or smart. You just need to observe the room and place them where you get space. However, you have to create that space yourself by playing with your furniture.